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San Pedro Creek Arts

San Pedro Creek Cultural Park will invite people of San Antonio to reconnect with a place of great historical and cultural significance. Public art projects in San Pedro Creek Culture Park will express what is authentic about San Antonio today, and explore the history and meaning of the creek through a contemporary art lens. There is a singular opportunity to distinguish the revitalized creek through public art approaches and project types that are rare in the rest of the city. San Antonio has many places where permanent, freestanding sculpture can be seen. San Pedro Creek Culture Park is a place to provide new experiences of different project types that many artists can participate in creating, while remaining relevant to this specific place.

Temporary artworks and locations that feature changing artworks will allow a range of local, regional, national, and international artists and arts organizations to participate in the program. These are complemented by performances in the amphitheater, the permanent 300th anniversary commission at the tunnel inlet, and places to integrate art into the design of a few key locations. Property owners adjacent to the creek will be invited to consider creating projects inspired by this strategy and by collaborating with San Pedro Creek Arts. This strategy recommends a mix of project types encourage the artworks along the creek to be both memorable and relevant over time. The specific conditions of the creek warrant expertise required for understanding its special flood-zone conditions.

The San Pedro Creek Arts will incorporate various types of art including:

  • temporary and changing works of art;
  • performance, music, dance, and poetry;
  • permanent or integrated works of art;
  • and word art and signage.


  • Activate, celebrate, and sustain arts and culture experiences.
  • Commission temporary and permanent projects and events, partner artists and arts organizations, collaborate with community entities, and engage adjacent property owners.
  • Encourage authentic and varied projects by local, national, and international artists and arts organizations.
  • Align with the park development and management until completion of the park.
  • Create opportunities for scheduled performances.
  • Integrate artwork into the design of the park.



Plethora, by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerarda, will be the signature permanent artwork located at the Plaza de Fundación that will be unveiled to the public at the celebration of the Tricentennial on May 5, 2018.



Interpretive signage will communicate the meanings and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage to the public.



The history and culture will be told throughout the park on the retaining walls through artistic word art.

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