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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved and stay informed?

Community members can find more information about the San Pedro Creek Improvements project and sign up for construction alerts at Updates can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow San Pedro Creek @SanPedroCreek. The community can also email the project team at or call the project information line at 210-302-3652. The San Pedro Creek app can be downloaded now on Google Play and will be available soon through the iTunes App Store.

What is the cost of the project and how is it funded?

Bexar County has committed $125 million that will fund the design of all four phases and the construction of Phases 1 and 2. Funding for the construction of Phases 3 and 4 is not currently identified and still being sought.

How will San Pedro Creek be protected from over development?

The City of San Antonio, in coordination with the River Authority, has created design standards and guidelines for a new overlay district along the creek. This new district will ensure compatible and high-quality development along the creek and adjacent corridors to preserve the public investment. The new design zoning overlay district for San Pedro Creek are patterned after the River Improvement Overlay (RIO) guidelines and are calibrated to match the design character of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project. The standards and guidelines do not apply to residential single-family developments.

Will there be water in San Pedro Creek once the improvements are complete?

Yes. The design allows for water to be in the creek at all times. The flow and level may vary depending on rain events.

Will there be public art along the creek and what is the process for selection?

Public art and culture programs on the creek will be managed by San Pedro Creek Arts, a new pilot program of the San Antonio River Authority. A full-time position of San Pedro Creek Curator will be created with responsibilities to direct the program, guide the implementation of this strategy, manage projects, and serve as a resource in the community. San Pedro Creek Arts will have a Steering Committee to guide its work plan and budget, and the San Pedro Creek Arts and Culture Alliance to foster collaborations and partnerships with local and regional artists and arts and culture entities invested in the park.

Public art projects in San Pedro Creek Culture Park will express what is authentic about San Antonio today, or explore the history and meaning of the creek through a contemporary art lens. Temporary artworks and locations that feature changing artworks will allow a range of local, regional, national, and international artists and arts organizations to participate in the program. These are complemented by performances in the amphitheater, the permanent 300th anniversary commission at the tunnel inlet, and places to integrate art into the design of a few key locations. Property owners adjacent to the creek will be invited to consider creating projects inspired by this strategy and by collaborating with San Pedro Creek Arts.

A permanent art piece will be placed at the Tree of Life Plaza, near the tunnel inlet at Santa Rosa Street, for San Antonio’s Tricentennial Celebration in 2018. Designed by internationally acclaimed artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, the commissioned piece is a sculpture titled “Plethora,” which will depict a woman’s face watching over San Pedro Creek. There was an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) to select the artist. Rodriguez-Gerada was selected from more than 150 entries by a committee of local representatives.

How is the City of San Antonio involved?

The City of San Antonio is a partner in the project and has contributed right-of-way land parcels adjacent to the creek. The City is expected to include partial funding through the 2017 Bond.

Who is managing the design and construction effort?

Bexar County is the primary funder of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project, and the San Antonio River Authority is the project manager for the project. The design team is comprised of HDR Engineering, Pape-Dawson Engineers, and Muñoz and Company. The joint venture of Sundt/Davila is the designated construction manager for the project.

What is the timeline and phasing for the construction?

There are a total of four phases to the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project. The construction of Phase 1, which begins at Santa Rosa Street and IH-35, near Fox Tech High School, is currently underway.

What are the design goals of the project?

The key design goals of the San Pedro Creek Improvements project include:

  • Flood Mitigation: By deepening and widening the existing channel and replacing eight street bridges, the project will contain the 100-year floodplain within the San Pedro Creek banks.
  • Economic Development: The project will catalyze a $1.5 billion economic impact by creating 2,100 new housing units, 1,428 new downtown employees, 7,300 new downtown residents, a 150 percent increase in new property value and $227 million in ad valorem tax revenues.
  • Water Quality: Through the use of low impact development features, including bioswales, aquatic plantings and the removal of floatables, the project will advance the water quality and ensure the sustainability of our biotic habitats.
  • Cultural Linkages: The project will celebrate the culture, history, and natural qualities of San Antonio through a series of temporary and permanent public artworks, artistic treatments, interpretive signage, performances and interactive exhibits.
What is the mission of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project?

Our mission is to create a world-class linear park that represents the cultural identity of our community and inspires the people of Bexar County.

What are the project limits for the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project?

The San Pedro Creek Improvements Project begins at IH-35 at the flood tunnel inlet at Santa Rosa Street, near Fox Tech High School, and ends at the confluence of the Alazán and Apache Creeks at IH-35 to the south. The total length of the improvement area is 2.2. miles.

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