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San Pedro Creek Culture Park will invite the people of San Antonio to reconnect with a place of great historical and cultural significance. Public art and cultural programming featured in the Park will express what is authentic about San Antonio’s culture today and explore the historical significance of the creek through a contemporary art lens. This unique site provides an opportunity for artists to explore a wide variety of project types, distinguishing it from other cultural amenities in city.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park will incorporate various types of art including:

  • permanent or integrated works of art;
  • temporary and changing works of art; and
  • performance-based art, including music, dance, and spoken word


  • Activate, celebrate, and sustain arts and culture experiences.
  • Commission temporary and permanent projects and events, partner artists and arts organizations, collaborate with community entities, and engage adjacent property owners.
  • Encourage authentic and varied projects by local, national, and international artists and arts organizations.
  • Align with the park development and management until completion of the park.
  • Create opportunities for scheduled performances.
  • Integrate artwork into the design of the park.

San Pedro Creek Arts

Public art and cultural programming at the Park is managed by San Pedro Creek Arts, a new pilot program of the San Antonio River Authority. In 2016, the San Antonio River Authority, with support from Bexar County, commissioned the San Pedro Creek Public Art Assessment & Strategy, which established the program and created a new full-time position to oversee its implementation. The program is supported by the San Pedro Creek Arts & Culture Alliance, a cohort of local artists, arts organizations, and businesses interested in the development of cultural opportunities at the Park.

Prequalified List of Artists

In 2017, San Pedro Creek Arts, in collaboration with Bexar County, established an extensive list of prequalified artists from across the globe. The purpose of the prequalified list of artists is to provide a streamlined application process for artists interested in being commissioned for public art projects and cultural events at San Pedro Creek Culture Park. Artists may be commissioned for temporary, permanent and performance-based artwork while the park is under construction, in newly opened sections of the park, or to participate in planning for future phases of the Park.

The prequalified list will be updated periodically to ensure ample opportunity for participation as the project progresses. The current list can be viewed here:

Phase 1, Segment 1

Several permanent artworks, listed below, have been commissioned for Phase 1, Segment 1 of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project.  These artworks will serve as a lasting commemoration of the rich, interweaving cultures that define San Antonio and Bexar County and will create a foundation for the development of the San Pedro Creek Arts program.


Four local artists were commissioned to create murals based on four distinct themes. Their work will be translated into ceramic tile through a digital transfer process to ensure durability and longevity.

Artist: Adriana Garcia, San Antonio, TX
Title: De Todos Caminos Somos Todos Uno (From All Roads, We Are All One)
Description: This composition tells the story of how San Pedro Springs brought forth life, growth and diversity in the San Antonio community. The left represents the west, and the right represents the east, as they come together (figuratively and literally) in the center of the mural.

Adriana Garcia – From Many Roads We are One

Artist: Katie Pell, San Antonio, TX
Title: Red Arch, Green Arch
Description: These murals capture the flora and fauna that once flourished along San Pedro Creek many years ago.

Katie Pell – Lost Nature
Katie Pell 2 – Lost Nature

Artist: Alex Rubio, San Antonio, TX
Title: AQUA
Description: The curvilinear line quality of this mural reflects the ever-flowing waters of San Pedro Creek.

Alex Rubio – Flow

Artist: Joe Lopez, San Antonio, TX
Title: Bellos Recuerdos del Teatro Alameda y Tiempos Pasados (Beautiful Memories of the Alameda Theater and Times Passed)
Description: This mural captures the vibrant community that once enlivened the Alameda Theater, which many considered an escape from the harsh realities of life.  The mural depicts the theater as “El Corazón,” the heart, of downtown San Antonio.

Joe Lopez – Memories of the Alameda Theater

Other Commissions

Artist: Diana Kersey, San Antonio, TX
Title: Bridges of Understanding
Description: Diana’s ceramic artwork will be located at each of the street bridges in Segment 1 (Santa Rosa, Martin, and Travis Streets). Her imagery reflects the historical nature of the street names. For example, Santa Rosa Street, named after the Santa Rosa Infirmary, once defined the western edge of San Antonio and was a route along the Chisholm Trail that bypassed the town and led to watering places along San Pedro Creek.

Diana Kersey – Bridges of Understanding
Diana Kersey - Bridges of Understanding
Diana Kersey – Bridges of Understanding
Diana Kersey – Bridges of Understanding

Artist: Michael Menchaca, San Antonio, TX
Artwork Description: Michael Menchaca has created 16 tile patterns that will be featured on benches throughout the San Pedro Creek Culture Park.  The tile works represents various themes. For example, the “Crossroads” pattern is representative of multitudes of people coming together at San Antonio as a crossroads in time and space. The color palette encompasses the diverse cultures that make up San Antonio’s dynamic history. The pattern repletion is based on Spanish Talaveras.

Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles
Michael Menchaca – Tiles

Writer: John Phillip Santos, San Antonio, TX
Artwork Description: John Phillip Santos curated historical and original text that are etched into limestone walls throughout San Pedro Creek Culture Park. Santos was also instrumental in helping design and write the various interpretive signage that will be placed throughout the Park to help tell the story of San Pedro Creek.

John Phillip Santos - Word Art
John Phillip Santos - Word Art

300th Anniversary Commission

Bexar County commissioned Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to create a signature work of art in celebration of Bexar County’s 300th anniversary. The artwork is slated to be installed in late 2018 and will be located in the Plaza de Fundación, near the tunnel inlet.

Plethora (the artist’s working title) “refers to the sustenance that San Pedro Creek represents to the San Antonio community. The title of the sculpture, phonetically understood in both Spanish and English, alludes to the great abundance of water and how it irrigates the social fabric that feeds, grows and recognizes itself through a collective outlook, just like the primordial path of the water. The artwork pays homage to the location that allowed the city´s genesis; to the trials, tribulations and triumphs of its people; and the diversity of its population through the use of innovation and creativity.”

Rodriguez-Gerarda was born in Cuba, raised in the United States, and is currently residing in Barcelona. He is a visual artist well known internationally for his large-scale public artworks.  He has created work in Amsterdam, New Zealand, London, Sao Paulo and Bahrain, to name a few.

In 2016, Bexar County engaged the San Antonio River Authority to assist with the selection of an artist for the 300th Anniversary Commission. A call to artists was released in July and over 100 applications were received. Of the applications received, four finalists were selected and contracted to develop proposals. In November, the Bexar County Commissioners Court unanimously approved the selection of Rodriguez-Gerada.

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